Frequently Asked Questions about Design Manager with Answers


Q What does Design Manager do?

A Design Manager organises your drawings, allowing you to retrieve them quickly even if you do not know the drawing number. Design Manager controls the issue modification and distribution of your drawings. The optional BOM module is a powerful way to include part information into your drawings and later produce itemised parts lists. The system is capable of dealing with hierarchical systems of drawings and grouping manufactured and bought in items. The powerful where used and where used edit features allow you to search for instances of a part and if desired globally change part information.


Q What releases of AutoCAD does Design Manager support?

A Design Manager operates with the latest versions of AutoCAD and Inventor. And can work with previous version back to AutoCAD 14 and Inventor 1


Q I use Inventor/Mechanical Desktop and require unique part numbers, can Design Manager help with this?

A Yes. When you create new part or sub assemblies in Inventor or Mechanical Desktop Design Manager is invoked to provide unique part numbers. If these parts are later externalised Design Manager takes care of changing the part registration to a drawing registration. Design Manager registered parts can be instanced into Inventor and Desktop assemblies.


Q Can Design Manager operate with AutoCAD LT?

A Yes. It even allows for title block information update in the drawing.


Q Can BOM information be exported ie for use in a MRP system?

A Yes. BOM information can be exported in Database or ASCII format.


Q I have trouble organising my AutoCAD blocks. Can Design Manager help with this?

A Yes. Blocks can be registered in Design Manager and readily inserted or referenced into a drawing with optional part information.


Q Does Design Manager have archive facilities?

A Yes. Drawings and registration information may be readily moved or copied.


Q Can I set up more than one Database with Design Manager?

A Yes. You may have as many databases as you wish. Design Manager understands three types of database; drawings, symbols and parts.


Q Is it possible to place modification history on a drawing?

A Yes. Design Manager will automatically maintain modification information on a drawing sheet.


Q Can I view drawings without opening them in AutoCAD?

A Yes. Design Manager’s viewer enables you to open AutoCAD drawings and dxf files and has zoom, pan and draft print capability. Design Manager-View is also available as a stand-alone product. See our web site for details.


Q I am using another drawing management tool. If I switch to Design Manager is my data easily transferable?

A Yes. We have data conversion routines for most drawing management systems. Transfer is usually no problem.


Q My company uses letters (a, b, c, etc) for issue/revision numbers, can Design Manager handle this?

A Yes, issue/revision can be represented by numbers or alpha characters.


Q When I have finished a project I want to print all the drawings. Can Design Manager help with this?

A Yes. Our build-in Batch Plotter can take data from Design Manager for easy plotting of large numbers of drawings.


Q Can I carry out an email transmittal of the drawings in a project?

A Yes. any selection of documents may be sent as an email attachment with options to make them into a Zip archive, record a distribution history and deal with XRefs. Transmittal reports may also be generated to accompany paper document distributions.


Q How much memory do I need?

A As recommended for AutoCAD. However program execution will be faster the more memory you have. Minimum requirement is 32Mb.


Q Can Design Manager update my drawing title block information?

A Yes. Design Manager will keep this information synchronised with the database at all times.


Q Is Design Manager multi-user?

A Yes.


Q Does Design Manager support long file names?

A Yes


Q What level of user security does it have?

A Security can range from a user who has rights to do NOTHING through every possible combination to EVERYTHING. All Design Manager options can have security levels set on them.


Q Can I group information by certain criteria?

A Yes. Design Manager’s fast filter facility allows you to group information by one or more fields in the database.


Q Does Design Manager have automatic drawing numbering?

A Yes. Any number of drawing number schemes can be set up with various patterns. The next available number is then automatically provided for each scheme. Design Manager takes care to make sure that drawing numbers are unique.


Q Can I use multiple drawing sheets with the same number?

A Yes. In Design Manager a drawing is considered unique based on the combination of drawing number and sheet number.


Q When I up-issue/revise a drawing can I save the previous issue/revision?

A Yes.


Q Can I create one parts list for a project involving many drawings?

A Yes. Design Manager also allows you to balloon up each drawing with reference to a master parts list.


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